15 FREE printable Laundry Room wall decoration |

15 Laundry Room Free Printables

15 Laundry Room Free Printables • Little Gold Pixel • In which I dream of decorating my very own laundry room, with pretty detegerent and ladder hangers and fun art. Oh, and a washer and dryer I DON'T have to insert coins into.

Or this is nice too. And less cluttered

Family photo and candles in wall sconces above couch but this would be great above the bed too

Te coole foto muur

This picture frame collage is neat. I love the font on the wall and I adore the famed initial in the middle. This would take up a good chunk of our huge living room wall so my wall won't look so naked.

Instead of one large single picture why not make your own photo collage? Simple go to staples and order canvas prints in different sizes then add them in the shape and order you want on your own living room wall. Neat idea!

Put beach photos on canvas in a tight block….this would make me smile each and every time I saw it….love our family beach time! ♥ @ DIY Home Design

leuk voor op de muur in het washok!!

Leuk voor op de muur in het washok.no idea what that means, but it'd be cute to have washing symbols painted or incorporated in a laundry room.

15 Inspirational And Practical DIY Home Ideas

Decor-ganize Crafts: Lost Socks - need to make this for the laundry room.Mod Podge paper onto the clothespins for extra "cute-ness". But I will need more clothespins

Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow wall decal - Laundry Room

Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow wall decal - Laundry Room

Nothing could be truer! Always a customer favorite and sure to bring a laugh is our Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow wall decal. We know that laundry rooms are usually a pretty boring place.

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Eleven Things To Do With Old Windows . LOVE this idea of placing an old window in front of, a wall decal!