DIY Water Balloon Pump. Brilliant!! Perfect for camping when you don't have a water spigot.

Fantastic Finds Friday #2

Household re-purpose: water balloon pump! Use big shampoo pump bottle to fill up water balloons without turning hose on and off 100 times. Just give them a big bucket of water to dip into.

techniekkoffers van juf Evy - drijven en zinken - Lespakket

Techniekkoffers van juf Evy: drijven en zinken

Woordkaarten voor kleuters, thema 'de sloot'2,, preschool pond theme

Woordkaarten voor kleuters, thema 'de sloot'2,, preschool pond theme

DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game

DIY Popsicle Memory Game This one works for me on so many levels. a DIY Popsicle Memory Game which LOOKS good enough to eat! I have very fond recollections as a child sitting down an and playing adhoc memory games…

Outdoor game with some pvc pipe.  Kids love water games! Somehow I want to incorporate |

Easy project for poolside fun - carnival game-boat races with water squirters (are these girls from the future? Whats with the hair?) Check out the website for

leuke zomer activiteit

Water Balloon Games for Kids I want to try a water balloon competition-incentive to clean up the balloons in form of bag of candy for most collected-inspires teamwork too

▶ Elly en Rikkert - Bellen blazen - YouTube

Temkit Self Learning Treasury - Lots of fun stuff for the homeschooler!

wil nu al wel weer de zomer

DIY Water Wall - uses plastic bottles -Great activity for Brownies WoW.Wonders of Water. What an awesome idea!