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an artist's easel in front of a window filled with art supplies
a desk with lots of books and other items on top of it in front of a map
a refrigerator covered in lots of toys and magnets
an old tv sitting on top of a wooden shelf
Fish tv home decor
three ice cream cones, two donuts and one hamburger are on the floor
Macron Doughnut Stool - Fiberglass - 3 Styles Available from Apollo Box
The Macron Doughnut Stool is a modern and functional stool that will be the centerpiece of your space. Available in three styles, this stool is made from fiberglass, which makes it lightweight and easy to move around. The stool also has an attractive smooth finish that will complement any room's decor. Material: Fiberglass Note: The colors of the product(s) may differ slightly from what the pictures show. Package list: 1 stool Note: Not eligible for exp
a colorful ceiling fan hanging from the ceiling
a wooden desk topped with a red chair next to a wall covered in magnets
Inspiratie: Postspullen opbergen - Nienke - Postfabriek
a yellow corn cob is shown with the kernel removed from it's shell
Giant Corn Stool