Crochê (Bandos)

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an open book with cross stitch designs on it
crocheted doily with two different patterns on it
an old fashioned cross stitch pattern with flowers and leaves on the border, in black and white
BANDO DE CROCHE FILE COM GRAFICO - Resultados Yahoo! Yahoo Search da busca de imagens
a cross stitch pattern with an ornate design on the front and back side of it
crochet em revista: Naperon …
a cross stitch pattern with circles and dots on the bottom, as well as an image of
Scheme crochet no. 2335
Curtain with flowers
an orange and white piece of paper with some designs on it
Barrado em crochê filé
two pictures of the same piece of lace, one with hearts on it and another with flowers
crochet border file
a crochet photo frame hanging on a brick wall with the words des vintes written in spanish