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a black and white notebook sitting on top of a table next to some green leaves
a drawing of a man with his eyes closed and the words seven written above him
"Could read me like an open book..." Do you have a person like this in your life?
👽🖤✨ #artist
a notebook with a drawing of a street light and buildings in the background on a wooden table
Side Face Drawing
Side Face Drawing
two pictures of different colored eyes
radhe krishna eyes// @hetavishsh._ on IG
two hands holding each other in the air with stars and crescents on their fingers
Swedish/Japanese artist based in Stockholm
a drawing of a dog is being held up by someone's hand, and the image has been drawn in pencil
Рисунок щенка
Лабрадор щенок карандашом
an open book with drawings of animals and people in the background, including a dog
Otter studies
Patreon - January's Early acces to a future post (Anaïs Gonzalez)