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Muscle fibre, SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope). I changed my mind, I want to be a scientist and study EVERYTHING!

Muscle fibre, SEM - Stock Image - P154/0192

Skeletal muscle fibre. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a freeze-fractured skeletal (or striated) muscle fibre.

ligaments and tendons of foot netter

Muscles that lift the Arches of the Feet

The pulley of the ankle bone lifts the arches of the feet using the muscles of the lower leg to lift the bones of the foot into their functional positions.

muscle anatomy and sacromeres

Some Truths About Stretching and Flexibility in Yoga

One of the key benefits and primary interests for people doing yoga is to increase flexibility and joint range of motion. I have compiled expert opinions on the physiology of stretching.

Anatomy lower limb Flashcards |

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Анатомия – 341 фотография


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muscle fibers

Análisis Estructural del Músculo Esquelético - DBSS INTERNATIONAL

El movimiento es una propiedad fundamental en el desarrollo del organismo humano y se realiza mediante la acción de los músculos sobre los huesos de


Stunning Animated Infographics Designed by Eleanor Lutz

Eleanor Lutz is a designer whose knowledge of molecular biology and love of science is translated into beautifully-designed infographics. Her colorful and educational images contain interesting bits of information about how the human body works and birds fly, but with a novel twist - they’re animated GIFs. via Eleanor Lutz Via mymodernmet