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This text message birthday cake is awesome! When you don't know what to put on your birthday cake just screenshot your text message conversation.

For me, it was a bit different. I once fell for "Joe", who was blonde, blue-eyed, and so handsome I could just die. I was sure that if he would just give me wings, I would be able to jump off a cliff and fly. That feeling of wanting to fly, but being reminded over and over that if he hands out wings, it probably won't be me. Later, I got to date him, but the guy who gave me wings, is the man I married.

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Wait And You’ll See

"My groomsmen were too giggly for the entire picture-taking process. When I asked what was funny, they merely said, 'You'll see.'" (via source)

Satan Santa

And he would probably over do it so much, like this kid asked for a pony and Santa wanted to give him a plushy? Eff that, here's a real horse and a stable, you're welcome. And the parents would be so upset but the kid would be so freakin happy


she wears short shorts I wear long longs she's cheer cheerer and I'm on the sit sits