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Cruelty is not a fashion statement, I can't stand the fur industry. Fur farms exist in the US and in other countries and torture animals for their skins. These animals can stay alive for several minutes after they are skinned if skinned alive.

Fabulous #vegan, eco-friendly #shoes for #spring! #fashion

Mink vegan party shoes elevate (literally!) the animal-free footwear world

Fur free, cruelty free clothing

Fashion Friday: Eco-Fashionista Edition

Etico si, ma bello! | VegHip

Cyclus Pholi Handbag made of reused tyre inner tubes, Black / Purple inner lining / black zipper

Il lato oscuro della cosmetica | VegHip

Il lato oscuro della cosmetica | VegHip

The Fashion Duel | VegHip

Valeria Golino a nudo per una moda più pulita - Impronta Unika

Plastic-chic, ecosostenibili | VegHip

Happiness is not something you find . It's something you create ! Remember All Seasons are Beautiful for the Person who carries Happiness within …

Fashion e Ambiente | VegHip

Assorted vintage Japanese furoshiki eco gift wrapping cloths, bundle of five