TOP 10 Creative DIY Tutorials.  I'm doing this, but with a Tardis instead of a mushroom!!!!!

Top 10 Creative DIY Tutorials

DIY Glitter Globe - such a fun idea and would be great for old Christmas ornaments!

Handmade Gift Under $ these! #christmas #DIY different kind of giving cookies! I like it because you can make it whenever you want!

16 Gift In A Jar Recipes including Quick bread in a bottle: Cool weather puts us in the mood to bake. So why not give a friend a head start? Layer the dry ingredients for this easy quick bread into a milk bottle or mason jar.

So I don't know what happened, but I just got your letter that I sent to you back. Do you want me to send it again?! Or should I wait until Monday with my other letter?!

Fabric on canvas with with wooden letters. Hmm maybe cheaper to use a shoe box cover with fabric or scrapbook paper and ribbon? Great dorm room idea for my suite!

Le Crueset

turquoise cookware from Le Crueset Kalmar Bodner Lowman would love these!my turquoise Paula Deen cookware but I think it's about time for a color change and reprint the kitchen! So here's to ideas!

Easy Diy Projects | The DIY Adventures - upcycling, recycling and DIY from around the world - Part 2

I wonder if this would not be great to wrap the bottom of chair legs with-thus preventing scuffing the wood floors and look pretty! Use natural grey brown or blue! This photo from: Easy DIY: Yarn Dipped Letters by caitlin

Why can't all devices ship with one of these?

The Sling Back is a universal wire retractor that aids in managing your cords.

How to make gift bags from any paper!

Make Paper Gift Bag Tutorial - from any paper!

Kelly from Eclectically Vintage has a very clever idea for making gift bags without having to buy a special template or do tons of math.

Reads Of The Week - Top 4 Books

Jamie Oliver has done a Frugal Food book! Save with Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less: Money Saving Meals