'It's a shame people can't switch problems. It seems everyone knows how to solve anyone else's problem.

De cirkel van de gedachte...

NLP: kortom, als je doet wat je altijd deed, krijg je wat je altijd kreeg.


Precies wat ik gedaan heb vandaag ☺️ a dutch joke Iam going to shop our buy something anything because of my throatache shoes or somthing hi hi and thats what I have done buying shoes ?

Mooi...! Dit raakt...

(Dutch, which I can read and understand, but not speak) "Vulnerability starts with courage; courage to be there and to show yourself.


Omdenken, de cursus kun je ook volgen, en ook de theatervoorstelling is…


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Omdenken dutch for: who wants to looks smart, talks. who wants to be smart, listens.