Gioias' Shadow Charms

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an empty room with a plant in the corner and shadows on the wall behind it
Neutral Beachy🤍
a shadow of a palm tree on the side of a building with a parking meter in front of it
strolling through the streets
the shadow of a plant on a wall
Revolution designs coloured concrete Mazul Beachfront Villas in Oaxaca
a shadow of a person holding a tennis racket in the air with their hand
Happy Friday •
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the shadow of a woman's head on a wall next to a plant in front of a window
the shadow of three people hanging on a clothes line in front of a white tarp
the shadow of a person standing in front of a window with a hat on his head
Getaway With Us - Vamp Official
the shadow of a woman's dress on a clothesline is shown against a white wall
Milk It
a plant casts a shadow on a wall with the words honey your soul is golden
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the shadow of three camels hanging on a rope in front of a white wall
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an umbrella and palm trees against a blue sky in the day light, taken from below
Take a rest