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a wooden shelf filled with miniature houses on top of it
Growing collection
Growing collection | by Petite Apple
many different colored glass vases are on display
Image Aswan Souk Perfume Bottles EG053068JHP by Jim Henderson
Egyptian perfume bottle collection - exquisite! Only in my dreams would I have a collection like this, don't think Jeremy would go for it
a display case filled with lots of different vases on top of wooden shelves next to each other
Collection Of Snuff Bottles In Display Case
several pairs of scissors sitting on top of each other
Required Reading: Collected, Living with the Things You Love - Remodelista
a glass jar filled with spools of thread
wooden spools of thread
I don't sew, except for the occasional button (even my hems get taken to a professional, I'm that bad). But I have a whole bunch of beautiful thread on wooden spools from my late grandmother (who was an amazing seamstress) packed away. I think it's time to bring them out of storage.
the shelves are filled with toys for sale in front of a clock on the wall
Dee and Nathan’s very orange mod collection in a warm industrial loft • Offbeat Home & Life
lunch box collection... wow, I'm so glad we don't have to tote those metal lunch boxes anymore....
many clocks are stacked on top of each other in different colors and sizes, all with the same time
The Gifts Of Life
beautiful old alarm clocks
a jar filled with lots of dice on top of a table
Dice in a Jar
Dice in a Jar (117 pieces)
there are many boxes and tins on the shelves in this room with wallpaper
I love old tins especially ones that contained food products.
Come to the back of the Ralph's Steampunk Clock, Style Steampunk, Pocket Watch Antique, Pocket Watches, Antique Clocks, Elegant Home Decor, Dieselpunk, Ticks, Watch Collection
Mens Luxury Watches Ceramic Bezel Sapphire Glass Luminous Quartz Silver Gold Two Tone Stainless Steel Watch (Gold Blue) – Fine Jewelry & Collectibles
Come to the back of the Ralph's