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Recettes diversifiées Soraya lina

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13M views · 148K reactions | سر الدغميرة البنينة👌💪 دجاج محمر بحال ديال لعرسات ياسلام | سر الدغميرة البنينة👌💪 دجاج محمر بحال ديال لعرسات ياسلام | By ‎Miam's Recipes وصفات ميام‎ | The chicken will be fried and submerged in the case of the brides. Follow this video with me, from this day on, you will miss me on something I called it to bring goodness. The first thing I have here is one onion for me, when it is big, I cut it into pieces. Or what should I do here six teeth of garlic or I have one sour fate. Or I have one small pair of coriander or parsley and two cups of water. I turned everyone into electric grind, or tomorrow we will grind. girls here aaa quantity Aaa Dial aa onion or or or garlic, and it depends on the number of chickens for me, Ghadero Hado Ghadi, we will share with you the ingredients of three chickens, I made a large spoon, a large spoon, filled with a large spoon, Aaa Dial Municipal Kharkoum or half a spoonful of Bazaar, or I made here one ml Wheeewww my foodieeee Yellow. If he wasn't there, you should spare him. Here after the girls, we take the chicken for me to be washed before me, and I share with you the method of washing it. Girls, it is necessary to wash your chickens well, so that you can remove the rooster from it and then start putting it in the perfume. The secret of girls' success is this chicken. He stays asleep in the fragrance. Girls are the longest. Here, however you see, we try to enter a rooster, Ah, Sharmoula is good in the chicken, or you get from the chest, Bash drinks my aromatic rooster. Here after the girls kendero one pot. Or Tabsel or Kanakb above the Sharmoula rooster. Or stay in it all night. Where do you have time girls, I am. Do it at night or leave it in the fridge and it's under. Even when he drinks the fragrant rooster, mezian, he is a great Keiji and Keiji is a boy. Here after the girls, Ghadi, we take one of my family as a big one. Kandir contains about a kilo of onions. As I told you, I will give you the ingredients of the three chickens. Come on, come on, you have done more, as you are weak in destiny. Here is how you see the chicken aa kendero directly above the onion rooster. Or as a brother, the Sharmoula rooster that I shot in the Tabsel, however you see. Ghadi we are brothers. Or Ghadi, I will add the perfume that I have left. Here, as you can see, I don't like the perfume dial AAA in the first place. Kandirha daba milli kandero over the barma. Here I made a big swing. Aaaah the fragrant dial the chicken dial. I found here one teaspoon dial aa dial ghee. Spotted one here in a bind. Ahhh the coriander and parsley dial. Ahhh saffron made a hair. Here comes one teaspoon of mash. And here is the saffron joint, which remains optional, you can do without it, but it is a taste guest. And tomorrow we put aa on the pumpkin. Even it is difficult for me, however you see it. After we take or start looking at the chicken so that the rooster does not knock my skin. Here after the girls, we clean a little water to be warm. Boil the girls or Kankhali chicken, it's good to him. Almost a girls make him one aa thirty five minutes. Be good or Shade Faso however you see it. When you try the chicken you find good, you will get rid of it in this way. After cleaning the liver aaa Or the broom. Or the neck however you see it or the heart. Or Kandir Hanaya aaa oil and vegetable oil about half a cup mixed and let everything cool after it's about to drink water as clean olives and the secret of success is for Daghmeera girls that you start to move in it until you see that it's Daghramrat with you here for chicken girls regret it Butter and a little bit of mash before entering the oven. It blushes, you can fry it in oil, so that you can choose at this stage, here however you see it, after I cooked the chicken here, tomorrow we serve it in the tablet, I made sour, mash, or diphira here, girls however you see it. As one of the changes are wonderful or witty. Or the urgency of girls, no matter how you see it. When I washed my chicken with salt, why didn't I add it to the ghetto? As Douko Al-Daghmeera to her special urgency Ra as her guests or we will tell you health or comfort.
443K views · 11K reactions | سوفلي بطريقة سهلة وبسيطة للاولاد كي يخرجوا من المدرسة مممم 😘 بمكونات اقتصادية موجودة في كل بيت 💚💙 | By ‎Samira Dz سميرة‎ | Facebook
443K views · 11K reactions | سوفلي بطريقة سهلة وبسيطة للاولاد كي يخرجوا من المدرسة مممم 😘 بمكونات اقتصادية موجودة في كل بيت 💚💙 | By ‎Samira Dz سميرة‎ | Facebook
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