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some animals and people are depicted in this rock painting
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Höhlenmalerei in Valtorta ca. 13.000 Jahre alt Mehr
a man standing in the middle of a cave
Grotten van Lascaux - altijd leuk om iets uit de geschiedenisboeken in het echt te zien!
an animal with antlers painted on it's back
Lascaux- Elk
many different hand prints on the rock
more cool stuff I like
an image of a hand print on the glass
National Geographic
A new study has revealed that most prehistoric art was probably done by women, because the majority (75%) of handprints found in caves (like this one at Pech Merle, France) have proven to be made by females by digitally measuring the difference in length of the fingers. The ring & index fingers of women are about the same length, whereas the ring fingers of men tend to be longer. Photo by Jean Vertut.
a statue of a bear holding a tree trunk
The Lion Man from Ulm
Lion man, Löwenmensch, carved from mammoth ivory, is 30 cm high and 6 cm in diameter. It was found in the cave of Hohlenstein-Stadel in the Valley of Lone, Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany), in 1931, recently dated to 40 000 BC making it the oldest sculpture known. It is now determined to be male. The arms bear striations carved into the ivory. It is pieced together from more than 1000 tiny pieces. Ulmer Museum. Ulm.
an animal painted on the side of a wall
Cueva de Altamira
Cueva de Altamira - Santillana, Cantabria. We visited the original caves in 1971 when they were still open to the public. An experience of a lifetime.
an animal painted on the side of a rock
overige uitingen: kunst grottekening
an artistic painting with animals and people on it
Chauvet-Höhle in Frankreich: Zwei Phasen menschlicher Aktivität nachgewiesen - WELT
Rhinocéros laineux
an assortment of different shapes and sizes of human body parts, including the torsos
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Goddess figurines. A few millennia ago, women were important, and were widely "worshiped". When did society begin suppressing women? They were at the center of trades, life, music and dance and feasting and science for hundreds of thousands of years. Now, the dominant religions insist they cover their bodies. Males insist that women be subordinate. Men feel threatened by women. What happened?
an old wooden object is hanging on the wall
Bird Figurine 22th-21th millenium BC, Paleolithic. Mammoth ivory, Malta settlement. This elongated figure of a flying bird has a small egg-shaped head and a long neck. The rounded end of the body has a hole drilled from one side. On either side of the body are short, broad projections representing outspread wings. Despite the stylization in modelling, the resemblance to a swan in flight is obvious. Such figurines were worn around the neck, with the bird's head down.
an elephant's head is drawn on the side of a wall
The Grotte de Rouffignac - cave of a hundred mammoths
Picture of Grotte de Rouffignac
an image of some kind of rock art
Chauvet Cave Paintings Gallery Discovered on December 18, 1994, it is considered one of the most significant prehistoric art sites. A study published in 2012 supports placing the art in the Aurignacian period, approximately 30,000–32,000 years ago.
a person standing in front of a painting on the side of a rock face wall
Cave of Altamira
Prehistoric Cave painting | 35000 years ago | Ancient Art History
an aerial view of rock carvings on the side of a cliff face, with grass and rocks in the foreground
Design History: Neolithic Art - Episode #3 | AnimHuT Creative Design Blog
I think its amazing that the people of The Neolithic times with so little knowledge of the world their paintings teach us so much.
an animal painted on the side of a rock wall with another animal next to it
AIA Tours - Archaeological Institute of America
Altamira doe
an animal's head is depicted on the rock wall in this cave painting,
Le magazine banque et finance qui parle à tous - Money Magazine
Grotte de Chauvet - Chauvet Cav
some animals are depicted in this cave painting
The Painted Gallery of Lascaux, France, is filled with colorful renderings of animals and people painted about 17,000 years ago
an animal's paw print is seen in the stone
National Geographic
Photo: Oldest Human Footprints With Modern Anatomy | 1.5 million years old, found in Kenya
an artistic painting on the side of a wall with animals and people painted on it
Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain
Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain
a human skull is shown in this image
Cro-Magnon - Wikipedia
Cro-Magnon. The earliest known remains of Cro-Magnon-like humans are radiocarbon dated to 43-45,000 years before present that have been discovered in Italy and Britain, with the remains found of those that reached the European Russian Arctic 40,000 years ago
a piece of art that looks like an animal on it's back end, with some writing on the side
Musée d'Art et d'Archéologie du Périgord – Périgueux
la pendeloque au bison, œuvre magdalénienne remarquable datant de -15 000 ans trouvée dans l’abri de Raymonden à Chancelade, près de Périgueux .
an animal painted on the side of a rock
File:Altamira, boar.JPG
A boar from the model of the ceiling of Altamira, in the Brno museum Anthropos, Santillana del Mar, Spain
a rock painting with a horse on it
#Prehistoric #Cave #painting | 35000 years ago | Ancient Art History - another drawing - half human half animal??? Another 6-fingered hand.
an old wooden statue is shown in the dark
Fresh analysis shows Shigir Idol is 11,000 years old
'The research proves that the Big Shigir Idol is the world's oldest wooden sculpture, and an outstanding discovery, a key to understanding Eurasian art,' The Siberian Times' source said
an ancient statue is on display in a glass case
Vénus de Malte
La "Vénus de Malte" au Musée d'Archéologie de la Valette, l'une des pièces découvertes dans les sites néolithiques de Malte.
rock art on the side of a mountain
SECRETS CONCEALED IN ASH - ninewhitebanners: Prehistoric rock carving of a...
Prehistoric rock carving of deer. Bayankhongor, Mongolia. Photo by L. Ebegzaya.
an ancient coin with animals carved on it
Musée d'Art et d'Archéologie du Périgord – Périgueux
La rondelle gravée est une oeuvre magdalénienne remarquable datant de -15 000 ans provenant des Eyzies. Cette pièce rare permet aux visiteurs de découvrir entre autre, des chefs-d’œuvres du Paléolithique supérieur. Elles constituent ainsi une véritable porte ouverte sur les peintures rupestres du site de Lascaux.
an old painting with people and animals on it
tassili n ajjer paintings (560×757)
an animal's skull is shown in this image
Venere di Hohle Fels - 40000-35000 anni fa - avorio di mammut scolpito a tutto tondo - dalla caverna di Hohle Fels, Germania - Museo di Blaubeuren, Germania. #MR