Vincent van Nunen

Vincent van Nunen

Vincent van Nunen
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the flatiron

"The Flatiron Building (or Fuller Building, as it was originally called) is located at 175 Fifth Avenue in the borough of Manhattan, New York City and is considered to be a groundbreaking skyscraper…" photo: Trey Ratcliff on stuckincustoms


Harmony by Adam Edwards. Chesterton Windmill is one of Warwickshire's best known landmarks, built in

fear and loathing

Love this movie."Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." Johnny Depp is amazing as Hunter S. Thompson, one of my favorite people (and some would say unlikely hero). "We can't stop here.this is bat country.

keith richards

Keith Richards - actual rockstar, sick old man style, effing hilarious biography and I can't believe he remembered it all since he's practically preserved from drugs. I will own his skull ring one day.

Murmuration of Starlings by Dasar, Italy.

A murmuration of starlings.'murmuration of starlings' means a FLOCK of starlings! An amazing word, not used very much these days, and an AMAZING picture.if you look at the bottom group, it look like a bird shape:):):)