You know you can! So don't fill your mind with negative things cuz' then you REALLY WILL do badly! REMEMBER: THINK POSITIVE!!!! :):):):)

Keep Calm and believe you can do it. Get up and do your thing. Today aything is possible ❤

Vertelstenen: Neem drie stenen en vertel een verhaal bij de plaatjes. Rijmstenen: Zoek de stenen die rijmen bij elkaar

Story Starters, Writing Prompts, and Creative Drawing spark Children's Creativity and Imagination - Story Making

Great way to keep up with missing assignments! It also makes the student responsible for making their work up as it is in an accessible place and the teacher does not have to refer back to the lesson plans to pull the assignments.

Organization ideas Teaching and Tech in the Middle School Classroom!: Classroom in Progress: Signs great idea for junior high!

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