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For Uinverso. Inspirado na fotografia do Parker Fitzgerald / inspired on a great work by Parker Fitzgerald (pineapple art thoughts)

pencil on paper. by Hong Chun Zhang.

its your HAIR ! Hyper Realistic charcoal hair drawings by Hong Chun Zhang~ Amerin's hair style

left hand study by texasadam

St George for Merrie England - Study of left Hand grasping a Bar - Frederick Sandys - Red, black and white chalk on light green paper.

Sleeping cat by Sue Blanchard

Illustration: Sleeping cat (by Sue Blanchard)

Joanna Concejo

Topo pour le 10 ème anniversaire de Topipittori by Joanna Concejo

Nettie Wakefield hair drawings

Pencil Portraits - Nettie Wakefield - people who can draw such realistic hair are to be envied - Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits.Let Me Show You How You Too Can Draw Realistic Pencil Portraits With My Truly Step-by-Step Guide.

Chiaki Okada.

¤ Reading cat by Chiaki Okada. Chiaki Okada a étudié l'illustration à l'école…

Denise Nestor, Unravel.

Illustration - illustration - Work in progress/Denise Nestor. illustration : – Picture : – Description Work in progress/Denise Nestor. -Read More –

Helice Wen - Little red riding hood

The Little Red Riding Hood Print

Helice Wen "the little red riding hood" Beautiful illustration

Dominique Goblet Plus

Dominique Goblet Plus

soey milk - drawings

Soey Milk

urhajos: Soey Milk Tugg from Legends of Oz.

Jane, la volpe & io. Isabelle Arsenault - Fanny Britt. 2014

Jane, la volpe & io. Isabelle Arsenault - Fanny Britt. 2014

Joanna Concejo

Pinzellades al món: Poesia en les il·lustracions de Joanna Concejo

joanna concejo

Le Petit Chaperon rouge illustrated by Joanna Concejo is a French picture book of Little Red Riding Hood.

Carter Goodrich - Ratatouille

Living Lines Library: Ratatouille - Concept Art - Carter Goodrich

Liana Jegers - Currants

Currants by Liana Jegers