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a man in red shoes is sitting on a bench with his legs crossed and feet up
This is me not being you - Fucking Young!
During the Women Fashion Show week in Milan from 23rd to 25th of February 2016 Superstudio13 (Via Forcella 13, Milan) will host the exhibition This Is Me Not Being You: a curatorial project with 35 photos of 7 International young... »
a woman flying a kite high in the sky with a jet trail behind her on a sunny day
thank you so much for 3.5k !! you guys rock ! ilyyyy
the back of a woman's head in profile
Dreams For Weary Sailors
so you wanted to die. blow out those brains. blow out that heart the size of a horse hoof. sure. imagine a world where dying was living. where stealing was giving. where good morals would put you in jail. creatures would crawl in your bed. little rats would kiss your lips. sure. you want to die. please humour me later.
a woman standing in front of a wall with her back to the camera and looking down
Noelle Oszvald takes surreal self-portraits in black and white
Visual artist Noelle Oswald uses photography to create stunning surreal images, but she refuses to be called a photographer.
a woman laying on the floor next to a blue chair with her head down and legs bent over
Conceptual Women Portraits by Anja Niemi
GIRLS! We will of course do a classic headshot, and the popular point photos. I TRULY ENCOURAGE you 2 come up w/ one or two OUTSIDE THE BOX CREATIVE IDEAS. You have me a whole 15 MINUTES. I thrive on creativity. Don't worry, we will MOST DEFINITELY capture you and your pretty face. But, think about your story. And then lets TELL IT in a photo. Did you get out of an exhausting 40 hour a week job and into Beachbody? let's capture the transformation of mind/body! To inspire others!