Ohh thats so good.

Simple sketching tips. Quick hand-legs-foot tutorial by `Hellobaby on deviantART I was just struggling to draw hand palm side out the other day. THis will be so helpful in the future.

colored wooden spoons

painting wooden spoons!

Little Bit Funky: painting wooden spoons! This would look awesome in the kitchen displayed like art. Find cheap used wooden spoons and paint in kitchen colors!

Aan te passen met hoefijzers en paardjes

DIY Dream Catchers // Made by Kids

Pimp your bottles

Sjoesjoe likes lovely things!: DIY Easter flower bottles me, too!

recycled light bulbs

Very cool idea: use old light bulbs for a festive vase to hang in the garden. (Cool Crafts With Light Bulbs)

Neon Spray on vintage frames #diy

Bright and Shiny Picture Frames Set Ornate

Spray-painted neon vintage frames= great idea for a photo booth setup. Except for have a bright colorful background and neutral frames ( white, grey, gold) buy frames from thrift store/ salvage yard

painting with cardboard rolls: several ideas with repurpose stuff.

Art with cardboard rolls! -- Cover with bubble Wrap for rolling on & applying a layer of texture or pattern in Mixed Media Surfaces. Bubble Wrap makes great Polka Dots!

Cute idea!

Week by week maternity photo book. Perhaps for future Week by week maternity photo book. Perhaps for future Week by week maternity photo book. Perhaps for future


Best of Alt :: Creative Biz Cards

DIY gold gilded business cards and gorgeous business card inspiration from Camille Styles

Picnic time

Ready, Set, Picnic

A beautiful way to brighten a new mum's life: a gift basket filled with goodies.That way she can eat and drink in bed, ripping off pieces of bread and chunks of cheese, much to her delight, I'm sure!

Een 1,5 L fles doormidden snijden. Een oude slok om de onderkant van de fles doen en de sok doordrenken met afwassop of bellenblaas. En dan blazen maar.

this one sounds even easier to make: bubble snakes = easy quick craft. Cut the bottom off water bottle. Put old sock over bottom and duct tape. Add food coloring for fun. Dip end in dish soap mixed with a little water

Watermeloen lollie Traktatie idee, kinderfeestje! Niet iedere verjaardag is een feestje!

Watermelon on a Stick: Perfect for Summer Parties!