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Jane Goodall / photo by Hugo Van Lawick: A young girl who loved animals and dreamed of going to Africa and found a way of making that dream come true. Her work changed the way we understand ourselves. (via NatGeo)

Tanzania, A touching moment between primatologist and National Geographic grantee Jane Goodall and young chimpanzee Flint at Tanzania's Gombe Stream Reserve. (Photo by Hugo van Lawick via National Geographic)

A fox gets his picture taken (:

"The curious fox, St Ana Lake, Romania Photographer Dan Dinu encounters a curious fox as he walked in the woods. This curious fox was definitely ready for its close-up.

Jane Goodall and chimp Gregoire • photo Michael Nichols for National Geographic (1995) • http://proof.nationalgeographic.com/2014/04/03/nick-nichols-on-capturing-the-essence-of-jane-goodall/

Jane Goodall, one of my heroes, being groomed by Gregoire, a chimp who had been alone in a concrete cage in the Brazzaville zoo since I admire her so - She has truly made a difference in the world.