Cute Fall Kids Craft Ideas

9 Fall Craft Ideas For Kids

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Learning from Preschoolers | Throwing "flies" into a spider web

This is a game that includes both fine and gross motor skills. Picking up small cotton balls has to do with fine motor skills and throwing the cotton balls is a gross motor skill. All you need for this activity is cotton balls, tape, and a hula hoop

Thema Herfst; Maak van kastanjes verschillende cijfers (na)

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We have so many chestnut trees on our street and my girl loves collecting them.


Fall / Thanksgiving l Tree Cork painting with wine corks for the kids! Such a good way to reuse the wine corks!

~Herfst-hoed beplakken~

Invitation to Create: Fall Sticky Trees

Just like a Christmas tree, you can make your own Fall themed tree with this fun DIY from @ Twodaloo! These Fall Sticky Trees are made from orange poster board, Contact paper, faux fall leaves, shiny fall leaf sequins and glitter.

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Free Fall Unit Study Ideas– For Older Kids Too. Free fall lapbook for older kids which includes apples, Sir Isaac Newton and crafts too.

Umbrella with glue raindrops.  Preschool craft.

Easy craft for a weather unit or spring art project for kids! Use glue to create raindrops