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I definitely notice more than you will ever realize. I am constantly underestimated and under appreciated. When you finally realize what I am, you will have already lost me.

"I need a break from my own thoughts" - this is how I feel - struggling to switch off the grey matter!

This medication I am on is making feel completely outta body I just want a vacation from myself

Think so ..

And once I think I'm done thinking I think some more then it turns into over thinking then I think I'm confused and the process starts again! so me


INFJ - I notice everything, I just don't say anything. Pinner said: Think this is what bugged my old HPS off the most. Learning now that silence, like knowledge, is powerful after all hehe.

Sounds just like me!

Silence and Solitude. I can spend days and days alone. People drain me. That's why I embrace Silence and Solitude. I can spend days and days on my own without any human contact. Not feeling lonely for even a moment.


" I am not quiet, at all, or shy. I just don't feel i have anything substantive to contribute at this time so I'm abstaining from polluting the environment with pointless noise eminating from my mouth. I wish everyone would do the same.

haha. life as an introvert

True for introverts. So do not think introverts do not have anything to contribute with - Just wait, be patient and listen to what they can tell you then you will find golden ideas and thoughts


Free of the person exhibiting NPD - and her enablers . I finally can be the me I could never be when they were in my life. "Finally, I am at home.