Turkey and Turkey Hunting

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⋆ Those who have taken the time to research population control, wildlife management, and lands stewardship understand that responsible controlled hunting is needed for effective population control. Without it, many game animals would overpopulate the environment and either starve or present a hazard to humans (both financial or physical) ⋆

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Rural Ramblings with Ruta

I love living in New England. I love the seasons, the landscape, the history, and the wildlife.

Juvenile or Adult? Can you tell the difference?

Can you identify whether this gobbler is a juvenile or an adult? Find out and the end of this article. A gobbler answers your calls and sounds as if he is getting closer. He's a cautious bird though and is taking his sweet time closing the distance. You decide to glass the woods and soon catch glimpes of him as he s...

51 Tips, Tricks for Spring Turkey Hunting Success

Inside our FREE ebook, you'll learn tips and tricks, pro hunting guides use for spring turkey success.

How to Hold a Striker for a Slate Call

Learn how to correctly hold a striker when using a slate or pot and peg call.

7 Reasons Why You Won't Tag a Turkey This Spring

Read more on the reasons why you won't tag a turkey this spring, and how to avoid making these hunting mistakes. And please comment below. Share this advice, too.

Turkey Calling: Why Position Matters As Much As Calling

Many hunters call at turkeys. To be a craftsman, a turkey hunter most know effective turkey calling methods. In this turkey hunting video, you're going to lo...

Paint Your Old or Inexpensive Turkey Decoys to Add Realism

Learn how to paint an old or inexpensive turkey hunting decoy and make it look nearly as good as one of the more expensive models to fool even wily longbeards.

The MeatEater Guide to Turkey Hunting

Wild turkeys existed in 39 states when the creaky hull of the Mayflower met the coast in the early 1600s. It’s not a sure thing that this wily bird was carved on the first Thanksgiving, yet history reflects America’s affinity for the flesh of this plump galliform to the extent that...

How To Make A Turkey Fan Decoy

Strutting gobbler decoys are hot items now, and for good reason: They work. But they're also pricey and a pain to carry. A real gobbler fan costs nothing and packs easily—and can be as effective as the full-blown fake. Here's how to put a bird's tail feathers to work for you.

Effective Turkey Decoy Strategies for Hunting Out of Ground Blinds | Muddy Outdoors

The next time you head out to one of your ground blinds for turkey hunting, think about these turkey decoy strategies.

Drew Galloway vs Joe Coffey – WCPW Bulletproof Hype

What do you think this Drew Galloway vs Joe Coffey - WCPW Bulletproof Hype video? Watch live ONLY on WhatCulture Extra for $6.99 this Monday from 7pm GMT -

How To Hunt Turkeys in the Rain and Wind

Don’t let bad weather keep you from tagging out

Turkey Decoys: 5 Ways to Scare Off a Gobbler - Mountain Cabin Outdoors

Find out how turkey decoys can actually hurt you in the field and scare away that big gobbler. Plus download a free guide to evaluating a turkey decoy.