Martijn Coppoolse
Martijn Coppoolse
Martijn Coppoolse

Martijn Coppoolse

Software developer, open-source supporter, language buff, Niggle, total agnost (aka Jon Snow)

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New Spaceship Unveiled

The Children of Hurin One of Tolkien's lesser known and extremely underrated works.

Eowyn and Faramir by Matt Stewart

Eowyn by the great Magali Villeneuve for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game #lordoftherings #tabletop

The full poem in Elvish script. I know I'm a dork for repinning this. That's okay. Love these movies.

This is my favorite part in the Lord of the Ring movies! I sat down and played and paused it to write it down when they first came out! THE GOOD IN THE WORLD IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR!!!!

Write in Elvish

How to write your name in LOTR elvish! ;)

Dwarvish alfabet - Khuzdul we can pass notes in class without getting in trouble if they don't know what it says right?