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Logo Ajax Amsterdam

ajax wallpaper - Google zoeken

Grow Wild - Wolf | Urban Threads: Unique and Awesome Embroidery Designs

how to draw a wolf head, mexican wolf step 3

Love the colors, the contrast, really want this Prisma color pencils. <3

27 Pointless Projects To Do When You're Bored At Work

I did this once in art class. It is really easy, you just need to get all your lines straight or it won't work

Drawing from earlier today. #illustration #mountains #art (STEEL BISON)

Drawing from earlier today. #illustration #mountains #art

Three monkeys to help you stay sane when you witness the insanity of the modern world: "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". In Japanese philosophy that would be a sign of deep wisdom, in Western - a sign of being a chicken. Wise monkey or scaredy-cat choose whatever, but keep in mind : humour is what saves you from insanity for sure!