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a text message that reads mom you find a job yet? me nope no crop circles, no mysterious disappearances, no unexplained deaths or electrical storms nothing
You won't understand this unless you're in the SPN fandom<<<people who think that SPN is the only show where this is true make me sick. X-FILES bitch
a man in a trench coat is looking up at the sky with words written on it
Found on iFunny
Found on iFunny
Have you noticed that jensen stays all professional about it and jared just cracks up halfway through it
an old book with the words exorcijamus te and other symbols on it
You know...just in case i meet someone who's possessed
Supernatural Angel Sword by Nox-Umbra on deviantART Angeles, Angel Blade Supernatural, Supernatural Crafts, Supernatural Outfits, Supernatural Cosplay, Supernatural Angels, Fitness Shirts, Idee Cosplay, Cosplay Tutorial
Supernatural Angel Sword by MorrisonMedia on DeviantArt
Supernatural Angel Sword by Nox-Umbra on deviantART
a man standing in front of an angel with wings on his head and hands behind him
FUCKING AWESOME. #castiel #supernatural source:
an image of some type of webpage with many different things in the page and it is
Wrong Number Text
10+ Of The Funniest Wrong Number Texts Ever
two pictures of a man with different facial expressions on his face and the caption reads, no matter what time it is
When I'm feeling down, a wise man brings me words of wisdom:
the two men are talking to each other and one is holding a beer in his hand
This is why I love the writers.
the man is talking on his cell phone while wearing a white t - shirt and holding his hand to his face
I love Lucifer so much it's a problem. (This is literally something only an SPN fan can say and understand and anyone else who would hear this would think we're crazy.)
two pictures of the same person with different facial expressions
In which Sam Winchester literally cutes himself out of being arrested.