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10 family friendly Christmas specials, costume dramas and made-for-television movies set in the Victorian period. Some Christmas faith based period dramas.

A list of Christmas specials that are also period dramas, airing in December 2016 on television, streaming, on DVD & a family friendly Christmas Giveaway!

Blog de okada :Balades au pays des bardes celtes, Alban Elfed - l'Equinoxe d'Automne

Autumn Oak © Sue Wookey I've been very busy and have yet another new painting, Autumn Oak , which shows one of my favourite trees .

13 Goals for a Witch:   1. Know Yourself   2. Know Your Craft   3. Learn and Grow   4. Apply Knowledge with Wisdom   5. Achieve Balance   6. Keep Your Words in Good Order   7. Keep Your Thoughts in Good Order   8. Celebrate Life   9. Attune with the Cycles of Earth   10. Breathe and Eat Correctly   11. Exercise the Body   12. Meditate   13. Honor the Goddess and God

13 Goals for a Witch from "Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner" by Scott Cunningham I like these! Leaving 13 aside, I'm an agnostic neodruidess, not technically pagan.