Theme 2017 Wearable tech

Wearables is the term for a generation technologie which can be worn on the body. This technology is rising to be populair among consumers, think about the Apple watch and Google glass. Wearable technology can also be used in the fashion and art world. You are given opportunity to honor scientists. Electricity, television, smartphones and computers can guide the you while designing your costume. The design is aloud to shine, move and change shape and while be judged by how innovative it is.
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Meet Fashion x Tech in Noa Raviv's Graduating collection.

TrendWatch : 3D Printed Fashion Collection

Hard Copy fashion collection by Noa Raviv Israeli fashion designer Noa Raviv has integrated elements into ruffled garments influenced by distorted digital drawings.

Hussein Chalayan - Smart textiles  Lights within fabric and fashion

Bionic Fashion: Technology You Can Wear

Hussein Chalayan - Smart textiles Lights within fabric and fashion(Wearable Technology Design)

A celestial silhouette of a dress

Make a ghostly figure out of chicken wire and cover with glow in the dark spray paint. I think you could also put a "muffled" light under a cheesecloth ghost and it would give this effect.