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an alligator is laying on the ground with its head in the water and it's mouth open
Extinct creature found in Virginia? It's just a model! - wafflesatnoon.com
A creature extinct for millions of years supposedly showed up alive in a Virginia river, as evidenced by a photo circulating online.
two people are playing an accordion on the street while one man rides a bicycle behind them
About That Russian Bicycle "Teleportation" Video - wafflesatnoon.com
A video posted in late 2012 claims to show a man who "teleported" into the scene on a bicycle from behind a man being filmed.
an ad for blue glowsticks with the message hoax
The Sanders "glowstick" recipe circulating online will actually make a chlorine bomb. http://wafflesatnoon.com/sanders-glowstick-hoax/
a close up of a box of food on a table
About Those Expired Cake Mix Warnings Circulating Online
A warning claims that expired cake mix or pancake mix can be lethal. Is this true or false?
an octopus is floating in the air over a road with mountains and trees behind it
The Inola, Oklahoma Tornadoes Aren't Real
A photo circulating online allegedly shows a massive group of tornadoes in Inola, Oklahoma which resemble a giant monster or octopus.
an image with the caption not true nasa didn't confirm 8 days of darkness in june 2016
False Report: No Sun For 8 Days - wafflesatnoon.com
A social media post making the rounds claims that there will be 8 days of darkness in June 2016. It's not true.
an ad for dr pepper's not true, with the caption below it
Dr Pepper isn't being discontinued. http://wafflesatnoon.com/dr-pepper-discontinued/
the green moon visible for first time since may 26, 2016 is now live on earth
an article about trader joe's to close stores by 2017
Trader Joe's Isn't Closing in 2017 - wafflesatnoon.com
A Yahoo! Style article suggests that Trader Joe's will be closing its doors in January 2017.
an advertisement for the easter egg hunt is shown in front of a news paper and another ad
Hoax: Cadbury didn't ban the word "Easter."
This "No Trump" graphic is fake. Chicago, Tower
This "No Trump" graphic is fake.
The Shields Brothers. Their height was greatly exaggerated. Nature, Alabama History, Nephilim Giants, Giant People, Mysterious Events, Human Oddities, Tall People, Creepy Pictures, Texas History
Viral Classic Photo: The Shields Brothers - wafflesatnoon.com
The Shields Brothers. Their height was greatly exaggerated.