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a person holding an orange object in their hand with a blue string attached to it
Live Turtle Key Chains? They're Real. - wafflesatnoon.com
Today we'll look at an image which shows a key chain being sold in China which contains a live baby turtle. Is this image real or fake?
a white object sitting on top of a grass covered hillside
Ecocapsule: Future Tech or Flop? - wafflesatnoon.com
A self-sustaining egg-shaped capsule was unveiled in mid-2015 with the promise that two people could use it to live anywhere in the world, off-grid. Would you live in an Ecocapsule?
an oranguel hanging from a tree branch in the water
Spearfishing Orangutan: Real or Hoax? - wafflesatnoon.com
An image claims to show an orangutan spearfishing in Borneo, which it allegedly learned from watching local fisherman. Real or fake?
the electric company - shoo shoo sunshinene from 1971, morgan freeman
14 Little-Known Facts About Morgan Freeman - wafflesatnoon.com
an old black and white photo with the words government day care
Symbolism Run Amok: The Demise of the Bellamy Salute - wafflesatnoon.com
The "Bellamy Salute" was the original way to salute the flag, until it fell out of favor during WWII, for obvious reasons.
a small child sitting in a chair with his hands on the legs and feet crossed
Baby Born With 31 Fingers and Toes - wafflesatnoon.com
A baby boy from China was born in January 2016 with 31 fingers and toes. It’s not the first time a child from that country was born with 31 digits, nor is it a world record.
a hamburger in a jar on top of a table with the caption'this collosal burger was created as an april fool joke, but quickly become a best seller
When a Freakishly Large Burger Created as a Joke Became a Bestseller http://wafflesatnoon.com/plantbased-disgrace/
a person holding a piece of electronic equipment in their hands with the caption, researchers have invested a battery - free computer which pulls power from radio waves
Amazing technology!
a close up of broccoli with a spider on it
Woolworth's Withdraws Broccoli After Spider Reports - wafflesatnoon.com
Several Woolworth’s customers posted photos of spiders found in broccoli purchased at an Australian location, prompting the supermarket to withdraw the batch of broccoli from three suppliers in the area.