Maak Het FF-Maddy's blog: Gratis patroon/Free Pattern

Gratis patroon/Free Pattern These are so sweet. Other mini patterns too.


free crochet pattern for these cute crochet piggies in Dutch by Stip & HAAK: Varkentje Pip

Grietjekarwietje: Haakpatroon: Dubbele bloem

Pattern for a lovely double flower @ Grietjekarwietje. Translation function at top right hand of her page. Thank you Grietje!

konijntje pluis

free crochet pattern for these cuuuute crochet bunnies in Dutch by Stip & HAAK: Konijntje Pluis


These are the cutest little flip-flops and I know a few people that would love this for a present!


Body Ch 14 Crochet from the stitch from the hook Sc 2 Ch 4 in the sti.