It's 10 til HURRRGH!

Hardboiled egg clock party platter, featuring olive and bologna rosettes, perfect for New Year's Eve

I'm sure no child was ever traumatized by this.

The fact that it's eating that parsley is a lovely touch. 19 Absolutely Horrifying Works of Food Art (Slide - Offbeat

TV Dinner Style Metal Serving Tray

TV Dinner Style Metal Serving Tray

This printed metal tray featuring a traditional TV dinner will make any food irresistible. Bringing out yummy consumables has never been so fun or started so many conversations.

Frankfurter Pie

Frankfurter Pie (Weight Watchers Recipe Cards, ~ Oh, I see now. When you are on the Weight watcher plan, the food is so gross that you CAN'T eat it! Therefore you lose weight!

gun omelet

Want Vs Need (40 photos)

The Gun Egg Fryers and Gun Cookie Cutters. Gun-shaped objects seem to be all the rage these days.

Sweet Jeebus!  Catfood, Croutons, and hard boiled eggs!

Deviled Salmon With Diablo Croutons. A Weight Watchers Recipe Card horror.

This is why Iceland has never been a superpower.

Þorramatur is a selection of traditional Icelandic food, consisting mainly of meat and fish products cured in a traditional manner, cut into slices or pieces and served with rúgbrauð, butter and brennivín

Sometimes after getting naked, laying on the floor under a fur rug along side your rather hairy mate, you just need to hold your Siamese and have a snack. What hits the spot better than a huge loaf of bread, cured sausage, bread men, corn on the cob, a vat of potato salad, clams in the shell, copious amounts of cheese and some other stuff that you have to taste to identify? That's right nothing. Nothing could be better.

Best 100 Calorie Snacks: Christmas Casserole Cookies, Strawberry-Melon Summer Salad, Banana Muffins, and more!