Andreas Hirsch | Amsterdam via Human Empire

So this is the poster I had been working on and just posted details until now. It’s my entry for the City Poster Contest Please go to this site and vote for my poster. If my poster gets printed.


Going by the (Children's) Book

Exploring Paris through children's books - I love this idea! You could highlight globalization in the classroom by exploring other countries through mapping out children's books.

Victor Vasarely

Victor Vasarely exhibition poster, featuring his work "Geometrische Compositie"

Henryk Tomaszewski 1948

Henryk Tomaszewski, Foot-ball, image courtesy of Filip Pągowski - photo 2

Draw Me Something: Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival

Working with Steven Sweitzer, Patrick Hruby produced this poster for the Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival in Columbia, Missouri. The theme of the festival is ‘Little Creatures’, so Patrick created a band of animal instrument hybrids and insects.

Design by Paul Rand.

Poetics of Music in the Form of Six Lessons cover by Paul Rand A Paul Rand paperback book cover design. Poetics of Music in the Form of Six Lessons by Igor Stravinsky.

New Zealand Centennial by Boston Public Library, via Flickr

New Zealand Centennial Travel Poster New Zealand Centennial Travel Poster - Old vintage travel poster promoting holiday and vacation travel to celebrate New Zealand's Centennial, 1840 to Fantastic print for home, bar, restaurant or office decor.

Excursions Au Mont St. Michel

Excursions Au Mont St Michel by C.French travel poster features a herd of sheep with their shepherd in a field next to the sea with a island castle.

French travel poster

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