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an old log cabin sits in the grass
Gillebeaux Home, McCormick SC
Long Canes Massacre
Long Canes Massacre
an old postcard with buildings and trees in the foreground, looking down a city street
Abbeville, S.C. Nostalgia
abbeville sc | This is a beautiful color picture of the square made in about 1909.
an old cannon sitting on top of a cement block in front of some bushes and trees
This also marks the area where our family homestead was located
an old black and white photo of a church in the middle of town with trees around it
an old postcard with two trains on the tracks and a house in the background
an old photo of a covered bridge in black and white, with water below it
an old log cabin sits in the grass
Gillebeaux Home, McCormick SC
an old black and white photo of the californ hills football team's roster
Calhoun Mills, Calhoun Falls, SC 1957
two large silos sitting next to each other in the grass
Calhoun Mills
a large christmas tree is lit up at night
Abbeville SC
an old white house with black shutters and american flag decorations
Visiting Abbeville, SC
Visiting Abbeville, SC - Southern Hospitality
the headstone of an old man and woman in a cemetery with trees in the background
Drowned April 4, 1920 East Inscription Robert Manning June 12, 1900 Inez Manning May 23, 1897 Annie L. Manning March 18, 1904 Alice Bradshaw Dec. 20, 1907 Lucy Bradshaw March 14, 1903 West Inscription W. Lester Waters Oct. 24, 1855 Lollie S. Waters Nov. 6, 1899 Alice Meschine Aug. 7, 1906 Charlie Meschine Feb. 4, 1904 Albert Sutherland June 27, 1964 Buried together in the Lowndesville Cemetery
an old black and white photo of a man standing on top of a train engine
railroads in abbeville