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the inside of a train car with couches and chairs on it's sides
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an art gallery with paintings on the wall
MoMA quickly hangs art from Trump travel ban countries
a person walking past a red bag with legos on it and the caption says, whoever designed these lego bags deserves a pay raise
The design of these Lego shopping bags is 100% genius
These Lego shopping bags are cleverly designed to make people carrying them look like they have Lego minifig arms. Fantastic des
a green hand with a bandage on it's wrist holding something in the air
Great Creative: Band-aid Flexible Fabric
Great Creative: Walking Dead Truck Display Walking Dead, Display, Marketing, Greats, Creative, Dead
Great Creative: Walking Dead Truck Display
a subway station with people standing on the platform
Underground Design Principles. The 9 guidelines for the design of London Tube stations.
a brown paper bag sitting on top of a table next to cups
How Pentagram helped Shake Shack top $1.6bn | design | Agenda
Examples of Shack Shack branding, courtesy of
two wooden benches sitting next to each other on a sidewalk near the water and buildings
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BMX Rider Magazine
a chalkboard sign that says no we don't have wifi talk to each other
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Absolutely brilliant!
a woman with her arms wrapped around a book page
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Australia Post: “If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter”
the shadow of a game of throne character is cast on top of a news paper
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Creative Game of Thrones ad in the New York Times
an empty billboard sitting in the middle of a grassy field with a blue object sticking out of it's side
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BIC Razor