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#smokingpipes, but not for tobacco. WeedMonsta.com offers a rich variety of luxury and afforbadle #weed #smokingpipes #glasspipes made in US and Europe.
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Aluminium torch #smokingpipe for just $9.75  WeedMonsta.com #headshop #bongshop #seeds #weed  Looks like a flashlight, but it's not! This one is easy to take, affordable aluminium key chain pipe. With its torch design, this discreet looking portable pipe will never let you down. Keyring will never let this little pipe get lost so it will be with you in every top moment of your life to make them even better.

Aluminium torch pipe This stealthy aluminium pipe has been cleverly designed to look just like a flashlight key chain. The torch doesn't actually work but with a few twists and turns you have a durable, discreet pipe to fire up your herbs wit

Sherlock Glass Bubbler #smokingpipe for just $244.75.  Weedmonsta.com #headshop #bongshop #seeds #weed   Excellent Piece. Carb, mouth, & bowl holes are nice and large for great airflow. Mouthpiece is flatish, which creates a nice fit with your mouth. At first, I was thinking the hanging piece on the back was going to be fragile, or get in the way; but it is well constructed and I don't think it will be a problem.

Glass Sherlock Bubbler - Silver and Gold Fume - Colored Glass and Magnifiers

Spoon – Glass #smokingpipe #glasspipe for just $35.75  WeedMonsta.com #headshop #bongshop #weed #seeds  Made of thick and high-grade borosilicate glass, this little spoon pipe will keep you impressed. Apart from its delicate look, this pipe has a carb hole on the left side of the bowl.  This pice of masterpiece is handmade by glass artists in an Oregon collective, making your spoon pipe to be the most personalised glass pipe ever.

Glass Spoon Pipe - Silver Fume and Blue Marbled Pattern