10 Quotes for the Ultimate Book Lover

So true.

I need to remember this! I need to put this outside Dukes door to this room. You Will Never Have This Day Again Mother Children Wooden Primitive Sign

I feel his pain, I have the same reaction. ..haha..... Funny Pictures Of The Day - 112 Pics

Something Touched My Foot - Horse Goes Flying After Hoof Touches Beach Water ---- LOL! This is me in the ocean, or lake, or river.any kind of water!

So true........

…and that's why Mom's are the real rulers of the house. When I ask mom, it's always an answer. When I ask dad, it's always "Go ask your mom." Mom always knows best! Thank you mom for making me a ruler!

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Momster : What happens to mom after she counts to 3 . Good thing i've never had to count past 2 :-)


Pablo Picasso quotes about art, life and your potential to be great. These are some of our favorite Picasso quotes!

For sure hahhaha 777 I have to stop but I am sorry I am enjoying hahaha

Dirty Minds they celrtainly make life interesting. Can't help but think of my Grandma Betty when I read this! You dirty bird!

Loesje: Je moet de waarheid niet verwarren met de mening van de meerderheid (Don't confuse truth with the majority's opinion)

Loesje: Je moet de waarheid niet verwarren met de mening van de meerderheid (Do not confuse truth with the opinion of the masses.


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Corrigeren #rumag

i do this all the time translation: When you are about to lose in a discussion, start to correct the grammar of your counterparty.