Use baby pictures from both sides of the family. You, Scott, his/your parents, grandparents, siblings etc. Cute idea! Have a "word bank" of who's pictures are up there and have guests fill out their guesses and drop it in a jar or something, person with most correct wins!

Who's That Baby? Would be fun as a shower game, get baby pictures of mom and dad, see if people can guess which ones are mom, and which are dad.

Verpackungsidee für Geld zur Hochzeit

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leuk idee om geld te geven op een bruiloft

DIY mason jar centerpiece~ Okay, I may be the only one who loves this, but that's okay!

The key to a happy sleutel tot een gelukkig huwelijk (of personaliseren: tot succes enz)

Are you interested in our 'The Key To A Happy Marriage' Artwork? With our Marriage Artwork you need look no further.

Marly Design: geld hartje vouwen / folding money heart

Marly Design: geld hartje vouwen / folding money heart