I will collect the watercolor with a soft touch( palette/texture etc), other more expressive and bold one I leave them in INK album.
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three green watercolor flowers on a white background
Simple watercolor flower, watercolor greenery, blooms, abstract floral art, watercolor wall art, beginner watercolor, simple floral, learn to paint watercolor, easy watercolor flowers #watercolorarts
a painting of trees and water reflecting the sky
watercolor painting of trees in the distance
Small watercolor landscape #watercolorarts
watercolor and ink on paper with an image of a mountain in the distance, surrounded by bubbles
Michelle Rummel
watercolor painting of trees in the woods
Canvas Prints
New Growth Canvas Print
watercolor painting of white flowers and leaves
an abstract painting of purple and white flowers on a white background with watercolors
Lourdes Sanchez | Works | Sears Peyton Gallery
blue and brown circles on white paper with watercolors in the middle one circle
Stations: 011
Stations: 011 by Y[u]G : Y[o]G : Y[i]G - mixed media on paper http://www.flickr.com/photos/holehouse-devillodge/sets/72157627364088985/with/6067339807/
an abstract painting with purple and white colors
SunDance Graphics | Image Detail - 11993A - Up Close Agate Watercolor II
Up Close Agate Watercolor II