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Anouk Wennekes
Anouk Wennekes

Anouk Wennekes

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Pen & Ink Depictions of Trees Sprouting into Animals by Alfred Basha

Locked Love design from UrbanThreads

"Firecracker Peacock" - by Starla Michelle

Joyful by Starla Michelle <3<3<3

lose the love and I'd love it more lol

@Karen Jacot Jacot Little i wouldnt complain if this ended up on my wall...jkjk but this made me think of you! :)

~Seahorse~ I have a seahorse tattoo, too, but it's not nearly this elaborate. This is beautiful!

black/white drawing of 2 koi fish | Pisces Tattoo Outline by *KelseySparrow67 on deviantART

Images of Zentangle | Koi Pond | Zentangledzoo

Loving how the watercolours in the doe is more galaxy like because of added stars! All are great...