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an outdoor seating area with checkered tile flooring
see the goodtime | the goodtime hotel Miami Beach
an outdoor seating area with yellow and white umbrellas next to a large swimming pool
Villa Copenhagen’s New Universal Penthouse Suite | Design Destination | est living
two stools in front of a wall with fish painted on it
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(99+) Tumblr
a dining room with blue and white tiles on the walls, tables and chairs in front of an archway
an indoor seating area with blue cushions and wicker lamps hanging from the rafters
Rosamar: A Seafood Restaurant in Lisbon with Retro Seaside Style - Remodelista
tables and chairs in a restaurant with plants on the table, near to each other
Glorietta | by Alexander& CO.
the table is set with four plates and two cups on it, along with plants
an empty restaurant with tables, chairs and plants
Berlin — Fusillo
Berlin — Fusillo
a bar with stools and a television mounted on the wall in a room that has green walls
A social and entertainment hub for 120 years, Perth's Leederville Hotel is back, bigger and better, with an array of new venues by its side...
a room with yellow walls and white table and chairs, balloons hanging from the ceiling
Mystical Palace
a long yellow table with chairs and vases on it in front of a white wall
DESIGN OFFICES | Vibrant and colourful office in Bangkok | ITALIANBARK
DESIGN OFFICES | Vibrant and colourful office in Bangkok | ITALIANBARK
there is a bench with plants on the wall behind it and a table in front of it
Zendesk Offices - Montreal | Office Snapshots