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a red and white book cover with flowers on the front, in black lettering that reads
Zapisz, żeby nie zgubić! Literacka ciekawostka 18
Książki, ciekawostki, fakty książkowe, Harry Potter, telefon, magia
some character sketches for the animated movie avatar, with different facial expressions and hair colors
Comic Art, Draw, Daughters, Fan, Drawings, Artist
an illustration of a woman hugging a white bear
Tuva and Ninuru
a painting of a man standing in the woods with his arms wrapped around his shoulders
a woman standing next to a drawing of a blue dragon with her head in the air
a painting of a blue dragon laying on the ground
a collage of women in medieval dress with dragon, castle and oranges behind them
a collage of books and images with an image of two women in the background
#miprimershuffle #myfirstshuffle
an image of two women surrounded by oranges and butterflies, with the words i am not your queen, but i am yours
#prioryoftheorangetree #sabran