Marc Wolterbeek tuinbank

Marc Wolterbeek tuinbank ‘Tuinbank’ Europees Eiken 80 diep hoog x 70 cm hoog per bank 200 cm breed

Easy DIY Patio Sofa

cinderblock and wood outdoor seating. DIY Paint patio concrete gray Paint background for behind bench. Use Tierney's patio furniture (paint as well) Outdoor rug Cushion and outdoor pillows

Green roof on pavilion gazebo. Living roof. Let be cool.

Green roof on pavilion has given me an idea to design the pergola on the east side of the house to look like this. I like the way the field stone patio hangs over the small pond

inspiration for swings inside

DIY Saturday idea - build a porch swing from a chair! Take ordinary recycled items and create a porch swing chair or bed. Watch a video for the ultimate swing.