All I want for Christmas is my lab-grown meat | What Design Can Do Blog

The group, part of Dutch design school Eindhoven Technical University, is coming out with The In Vitro Meat Cookbook next year. The speculative cookbook combines interviews and essays from chefs, scientists, and researchers with some crazy-ass recipes.

Infographics that say it all | What Design Can Do Blog

Supply chain from farmer to consumer in the Netherlands

LINK:  Marije Vogelzang finds her African roots

With so many people living fast lives, the simple connections between them are sometimes lost, and it is those simple connections that eating designer Marije Vogelzang…

LINK:  Carolyn Steel interviewed by design Indaba at WDCD13

Carolyn Steel: Food is too big to see, it is everywhere

Visions on the future of food | What Design Can Do Blog

The mock-up by ecoLogicStudio prefigures the world’s first bio-digital canopy integrating micro-algal cultures and real time digital cultivation protocols on an architectural system.