#owl #acorns...wow!!!!

acorn owls, easy enough for kids to do! Better yet--lay out lots of teeny-tiny bits and bobs, and invite the kiddos to create whatever acorn creatures their hearts can imagine. Craft with acorn.

Acorns... Love this ~♥~

Put acorns to use with this nutty basket. Hot-glue acorns (with and without caps) to a woven basket. When dry, line the basket with plastic or foil, and place florist's foam inside. Fill with fruit and foliage.

Rainbow Sorting Acorns

Set of 24 Rainbow Sorting Acorns and 8 Bowls , Educational Toy / Waldorf Wooden Toy / Montessori Toy with tongs

Acorn Pies: How to Whistle on an Acorn Cap

Acorns are falling already in New England. Would you like to learn to whistle on an acorn cap? Make two fists and press your knuckles tog.

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