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two wooden speakers sitting next to each other
This item is no longer available.
Cambridge Audio Aero 2 Bookshelf Speakers
the speaker is black and white in color, it looks like something from outer space
Acoustic Energy - world-renowned, award-winning British loudspeakers
Acoustic Energy 301
two speakers sitting side by side on a counter
The Bantams
Designer: TomZ Project Category: Bookshelf Speakers Project Level: Beginner Project Time: Beginner Project Cost: Under $100 Project Description: I would describe this system as a ‘micro&#8217…
two speakers sitting on top of a wooden table next to a potted green plant
DIY Speakers
the speakers are made out of wood and have different types of holes in each speaker
a room with speakers and a plant on the table in front of an audio system
Boenicke Audio W5.
a wooden speaker sitting on top of a white table
Boenicke Audio W5.
two wooden speakers side by side on a white surface
The Swiss-made Boenicke Audio W5 monitor. Hand crafted of a solid block of wood with ultra premium components. This is the best desktop monitor money can buy. In fact, with a good subwoofer, the W5 plays plenty big enough to use in your living room.
three wooden trays with holes in them and the words, the nerdy stuff
QuarterWave - Bluetooth Transmission Line Speakers
QuarterWave - Bluetooth Transmission Line Speakers by Cary Gallaway & Donald Thomas — Kickstarter. The QuarterWave is a handcrafted Bluetooth speaker system which implements a tapered acoustic transmission channel designed to produce a full-range superior quality sound. The QuarterWave is designed to transform any music listener into a true audiophile as we've removed the guesswork in finding the acoustic system to brilliantly reproduce your favorite music.