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Expect the Unexpected campaign | Client: The Burke Museum | The client needed to get the attention of students on campus but had barely the budget for a poster campaign. As our Open to Question installation was winding down, we proposed re-purposing the steel structures and simply re-skinning them with new graphics. The client was very happy to achieve maximum visual impact with minimal budget outlay | Designer: Studio Matthews

Abbots & Kinney (Adelaide, Australia), Café | Restaurant & Bar Design…

Wayfinding by @estudiohusmee

Exhibit Signage Designer - Google Search

SET architects' winning proposal is defined by two elements: its free-standing steel structure and the juta black cloth which displays a photography exhibit.

The shape is very harmonious and simple. The animation is a bit too bland though, and it's not very organic.

GitHub - 81813780/AVLoadingIndicatorView: Nice loading animations for Android

Excited and honored to be a part of the first release of 9 Squares, an animation collaboration started by @Al Boardman along with @David Stanfield, @Skip Dolphin Hursh, @Erica Gorochow, @John Flore...