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many different types of sculptures made out of wire
Curiosidades visuales | Page 6
figures by Antony Gormley I saw these hanging from the ceiling when I went to a party at his studio!
an artistic sculpture made out of wire and wooden blocks on top of a floor in front of a white wall
de Fer est mon Fil - sculpteure
Fil de Fer d' Isabelle Bonte
an architectural model of a house made out of wood blocks with stairs and doorways
House Cut Inside a 908-Page Book by Olafur Eliasson
a black and white photo of a sculpture with spikes on it's back end
Antony Gormley
Antony Gormley
a young boy is carrying a box in the middle of a maze
Goedkope dozen nieuw en gebruikt voor de zakelijke markt.
Dozen voor een doolhof
a flock of birds flying in the air over trees and clouds on a cloudy day
Murmur — Richard Barnes
Murmuration (ii)
three pieces of art hanging on the wall next to each other, with one piece missing
Mapping the Dispersal Wall Installation reserved for Elbos - Etsy
a small white tent sitting on top of a wooden floor
Michael Dunev Art Projects – International contemporary art
Jaume Amigó: raku 41
an empty room with two lights on the ceiling and a sculpture in the middle of it
Tara Donovan Toothpicks Held Together by Friction & Gravity Only 35"(H) x 35"(W) x 35"(D)
there are many windows that have been made out of old doors and frames on the floor
Mary Quite Contrary
My brain feels like this on a daily basis. It's called ADHD. Chiharu Shiota.