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Wieke vandenTweel

Wieke vandenTweel
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Nämä tällaiset liikutettavat jutut viehättää aina    pikkuisia :).

Spring "Easter" craft for kids- cracked (paper) egg that opens (with bracket) to a chick inside. Cute and fun! {Could just make a paper outline for kids to cut or trace to make it less work for teacher?

baby girl set -free crochet pattern

baby girl set -free crochet pattern on Ravelry ** I've made the diaper cover and dress and it's a great pattern. I use it for some of the items I donate to Infant Crisis Services

DIY: chalkboard planting pots

DIY: chalkboard planting pots I could do it.but it would be for a gift, cause I kill every plant.so if it were for my plants it would be more like a coffin :)

Dit moet gaan lukken, mooie creatie op tafel met de Pasen....

Cover two wreaths with moss and easter decorations. Place a branch (hazel) on the rightside. Finish with ivy, box tree and freesia