FeelLifenow | Wieneke

FeelLifenow | Wieneke

Utrecht / Breathe,communication,silence and inspire,creating harmony,sensory perception & awareness. All by living consciously and experienced and learn together// LOVE
FeelLifenow | Wieneke
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Schattige poster met tekst en sterren

Sparkle, poster in the group Posters & Prints / Kids posters at Desenio AB


fenestra-ad-scientiam: “ All that is Gone by Peter Nijenhuis ”

Pinterest - 50 Things Yourself 2

50 things to do alone.


Flowing Eucalyptus in Black and White Lámina

minimally beautiful: this will be the logo, fits so good to everything w... and lace

The power of X-ray vision. Let's pin our favorite X-ray pins. Let's build a beautiful library of them.

Now is where love breathes -Rumi

Now is where love breathes -Rumi

Pinterest | @gabypost96

felicita sala illustration [awesome, simple watercolor illustrations of how to paint a variety of leaves/stems!

Watercolor floral edges+backgrounds by Lisa Glanz on Creative Market

Watercolour floral edges+backgrounds by Lisa Glanz on Creative Market.

Mooie plantjes

Botanical illustration by Sanny van Loon plants herbs twigs flora pattern watercolor